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June 20, 2008


Alan of Idablue was there, too, for drinks with Keith, but the IDP newsletter forgot to add him.

Darn, they must have lost my invite in the ethernet. :-)
I went to the Meridian Dairy Days parade last night. While Congressman Sali had about 15 yellow-shirted "volunteers" (including child labor) handing out the culturally-insensitive "Indian headbands", we had something much better -- the actual candidate meeting the people. I'd say it was a win for the Minnick campaign!

Bubblehead, thanks for the firsthand report.

Yep, those Indian headbands are pretty lame.

And Tara, thanks for noting Idablue's inclusion.

Both Simpson and Sali joined their party in voting against:
Title: Providing for the consideration of the bill (H.R. 5876) to require certain standards and enforcement provisions to prevent child abuse and neglect in residential programs, and for other purposes.

After reading the bill it seems to be obvious that we Democrats are correct. We want our children who are in residential programs protected. I might talk more about this later in my post on Wed. Julie if you want to put this on top it could be useful.

ok wow

I swear lately I feel like we are so 1973 ...

am I understanding correctly that Sali and team handed out head bands with a "feather" out at Meridian dairy Days parade?

Is that what you mean those old make it fit around your head, through the little hole in the paper, and the feather sticks up?

and that related how exactly to what???

umm wow -- I will check back to be told, no you misunderstood! right?


and i LIKE the Obama commercial a LOT~!


Theresa -- You're exactly right, they're a cheap yellow strip of thin cardboard that says "Vote Bill Sali" and a yellow feather that fits through the holes to make it adjustable. Unfortunately, kids seem to really like wearing them.

Yep, Bill's been handing those out for a couple of years -- and when Walt was slated to be a couple of spots ahead of Bill, Bill's people ran on *ahead* so people would have Sali headbands on. Given Idaho's large Native American population, it does seem a little insensitive, to say the least.

Walt kindly let me march along with his team, and it was very nice -- not just the 50 or so people along the route I saw whom I knew, but watching people read my sign (my prototype yard sign), and reading their lips. "Sharon Fisher...do we know a Sharon Fisher?"

laughs -- I love that Sharon! the reading lips part, it really is part of being out among the actual voters :)

wow -- so Sali has gone from silly to well we need a better adjective! yet one we can use



Hey Julie,

i tried e-mailing you but it bounced back to me. I wanted to invite you back on the morning show to talk about your book. it's summer. gas is stupidly expensive. let's encourage people to vacation closer to home and use your book as a guide. can you e-mail me?

tim johnstone

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