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June 23, 2008


Wow. Talk about hyperbole. That's crazy talk.

I am sure it'll make the sidebar of memorable quotes at Mtn Goat Report, if it hasn't already.

Actually I'm not sure this is just rhetoric to incite his base. I sometimes think he actually believes this revisionist historical bullshit.

See that is the thing Sisyphus, I agree I think that honestly IS what is in his brain and beliefs ....

People need to hear all the insane connections - so they can go ok wait...


Considering the comments he made - and tried to downplay - regarding his fellow Congressman Keith Ellison last year, I am sure he really does believe this, too.


Bill Sali is not what the founders envisioned.

I'm going to just have to take a moment here to register my complete and utter disgust with one Bill Sali. We have GOT to get this guy out of office.

That sounds pretty monopartisan to me.

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