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June 17, 2008


another nicely done piece!

McBush needs to keep being placed with his positions.

Sadly I have been working with a lot of folks in the Bible Belt that have serious concerns over Obama -- based on what they heard from "someone" that is never even true.

I have to admit it worries me.


Don't be worried. Just point them in the direction of this:


or, if they have a sense of humor, this:


and even more than that, TALK with them and tell them why you'll be voting for Obama this fall. Our kids may be the biggest reason of all.

obviously we do talk -- I just think to many people are taking for it as a given, and I hope all these new folks know there is a LOT of work to do ... or we could see a denial of change in Nov


The child is her first born. John McCain is the angel of death, taking children to man the 58 permanent bases that will protect the no-bid oil contracts ad infinitum. You can't have them

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