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July 24, 2008


Wow, that growing list of jobs is great! And the additions of Linda and Tim are wonderful news as well. Go Team LaRocco!

I hear Jim Risch will be on KFXD tomorrow from 7:30 to 8, making a VERY rare live media appearance. We all oughta tune into 630 AM and call the station with a pressing question for Risch on say, whether he'll take part in the Idaho Press Club/League of Women Voters debate, or why he insists he cut takes for Idahoans when he merely shifted them, or whether he thinks he understands working Idahoans when he rarely engages with them, or ...

342-6363 is the number to call.

great run Larry ! That invitation to work a day in the shoes of a conservationist monitoring livestock grazing on Idaho's beautiful public lands is an open invitation - bring your hiking boots !

Good Luck !

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