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July 25, 2008


Risch blasts the Dems for locking up places to drill.

Amy Atkins of Boise Weekly asks about alternative energy sources. Risch says we need a policy cover all potential energy sources, though he claims that experts maintain that alternative sources will make up a small percentage of energy "if we are to maintain our quality of life."

Now a break ... still no calls.

The lines must be jammed. I've been trying to call since 7:30. At first it rang for a minute, then the line went dead. It's been busy since then.

"I told Vicki this morning this would be the toughest interview I'll do because they're going to interview me on music matters."

Unfortunately, if they don't take any calls, it won't be much of an interview at all. It's half over and it's mostly been small talk, other than the energy issue.

If Risch thinks this half hour will fulfill his obligation to talk to the public, he needs to think again.

Show host Chris is asking about nuclear. Risch says that if we are going to curb emissions, America needs to convert more to nuclear energy. Cites France and Germany as "green" countries that are heavily dependent on nuclear. "Certainly, the waste issue is an issue," but says "very liberal" countries have been able to resolve it. "Embrace it to a point where we're running it and it's not running us."

Gives props to both Govs. Andrus and Batt for INL clean-up deal. Says we're all united on this issue, whether Rs, Ds, Is, whatever.

Nine minutes to go, and no callers ... maybe they're simply not taking any calls.

Asked whether he'd debate LaRocco on the radio. "We might be able to schedule ..." Says he's committed to the TV debates in Lewiston and Boise.
Don't hold your breath, KFXD.

"I don't enjoy mean-spirited, personal, vitriolic hate dialogue that things occasionally degrade to."

He's basically saying here that he won't reply to anything LaRocco asks about where he stands or how he's running his campaign.

That's it. It's done at 7:53. No calls taken.

I co-hosted this show Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday, LaRocco was the same 7:30 segment as Risch was today. LaRocco didn't get any calls, which is perhaps why Chris Kelly didn't take any for Risch. Can't say for sure. DIsappointing.

Disappointing for sure. It's hard to believe no one called in for LaRocco. The switchboards were dark!?

Here's hoping they'll both be on again once we get out of our summer doldrums. It seems clear that, without constant pressure from the media, Jim Risch will continue to avoid direct engagement with the public or his opponent.

And I am still eager to hear whether Risch is going to accept the IPTV-Idaho Press Club-League of Women Voters debate, the only real debate in the fall lineup. His defense of wanting to avoid negative exchanges is really lame. It's politics; it's a contact sport!

We'll get Serephin to do a mock up of Risch as a dancing chicken. Go check out his angry gnome, its hilarious.

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