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July 22, 2008


$349 million in ad buys? Holy Moly! That would equate to somewhere around 10,000 views per person per week, wouldn't it?.

There'll hardly be time slots available for programs on any station in CD1. All Minnick, all the time. He'll lose in a landslide just due to the backlash!

OTOH, people will be much better adjusted for turning off the tube for a couple of months. A useful public service done...

Oops - the link says $349 thousand.

Still enough to tire one...


Julie, check out Wayne Hoffman at the end of this video on KTVB.com.

Clicky my name.

John, thanks for the correction.

Chris, what the hell? The Sali camp is blaming the FEC for its inability to meet deadlines? Just like they blamed the ATF!! "It's not our fault ... it's the gummint." Anyone see a pattern here? Is the FEC to blame for the serial amended reports Sali has needed to file, too?

And what's being said after Ysbael Bilbao signs off at the end, anyway?

The bottom line, as always: People who loathe government have no business running it.

PS Gotta love the contrast between the forthright, matter-of-fact John Foster, and the clearly out-of-his-depth Wayne Hoffman.

it is never my fault sali

---- so much longer then silly sali

He really, really, really, needs to go...


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