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July 23, 2008


Debbie, I see via your post at 43SB that your opponent voted against the housing foreclosure bill today, despite the fact President Bush plans to sign it and 45 Republicans joined the Dems in passing it.


Maybe this vote won't slide off. It's also an area in which you have great knowledge that we could definitely use in the House of Representatives.

What are you talking about? ...the tax system going against farmers in Idaho?...how politically disingenious or ridiculously naive. They are MASTERS of the tax system. They get an unbelieveable break on their Idaho property taxes for only 5 acres, a sprinkler head, and some alfalfa seeding, even inside the city limits!

And when they go to sell, they can do a tax-free exchange (IRS section 1031), extract some "equity" (i.e. CASH!), and go buy more property of ANY TYPE (condo, strip mall, beachfront)...all TAX-FREE from Idaho AND Federal taxes!

You somehow "know farmers"?...you don't know Jack-squat, Lady!

My understanding is that she's talking about a reform of a particular tax. She isn't supporting excesses that might exist in other parts of the tax system. She's for sensible taxation, whether people are being given too much of a break or not enough of one.

It's my understanding that she is of the opinion that the Republican-supported property tax exemption was a shoddy arrangement, which created loopholes for 'farmers' to avoid paying taxes that should be payed. It isn't as much a protection for farmers as a loophole for millionaires who nominally farm.

However, I don't think you can easily deny that real family farms are in considerable danger at the moment, and that this actual reform she is proposing (as opposed to the Republican property-tax exemption bill), would go a long way towards protecting actual farmers who are actually at risk.

I'm sure she'd be glad to address your concerns personally, if you're interested. You can reach her at holmesforcongress@hotmail.com.

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