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July 03, 2008


That's crazy that you should mention that book, because I was in a thrift store today and was looking at the books randomly and then I picked up this book and was flipping through it and then my jaw dropped a little when I saw that YOU were the author of it. I was like, "really?".

Isn't that weird?

am I the only one that remembers the

"i want jesse to read me a bed time story" and sometimes it was jesse helms, or helms

to mock his hmmmm polarizing views ....

dead today it seems at 86

I will do my best to apply the if you don't have anything nice to say ..... rule



The Boise parade was great. Lots of people I didn't know showed up to march! and we got a great response from the crowd.

Kootenai County Democrats had a record turnout of 154 marchers dressed in blue t-shirts and carrying blue balloons. We were lead down the parade route by the 5 National Delegates from North Idaho- Maj StormoGipson, CdA, Ryan Robinson, CdA, Paulette Jordan, Plummer, Albert Wilkerson, Athol and Richard Hill II, Moscow. For a picture report on the parade go to 43SB and watch Serephin's slide show,

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