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July 19, 2008


Dark Knight is on my list of movies to see once it hits Overland Park Cinema. Should be some time around October. Iron Man is finally due there after three months.

I can't at the moment sit through a full movie, but when I can Dark Knight and the new X-Files film top my list.

t, thanks for posting in my absence. I've been on a buswoman's holiday, attending our annual Unitarian Universalist family camp in WA state, where I spent mornings learning about and practicing Zen meditation and afternoons as camp newsletter editor. I helped myself re-acclimate to normal life last night by seeing WALL-E. The Dark Knight can wait a few weekends ... :)

you deserve time away! glad you spent it well :)

Big News! The DCCC is going to make a $349K ad buy in ID-1 in support of Walt Minnick! ( http://blog.washingtonpost.com/thefix/2008/07/house_democratic_campaign_arms.html?nav=rss_blog ) That's more than Bill Sali has in the bank!

Remember when Adam made a big deal about when it was first reported that they wouldn't be making a buy here? ( http://www.adamsweb.us/blog/where-the-dccc-is-not-reserving-ad-space/ ) I wonder if he'll have a new post correcting his previous one. (I tried to comment over there to rub it in, but his commenting function was acting up.)

Thanks, Bubblehead. That is great news, and I am hoping the Minnick campaign will feature it in its weekly post here. (I am still in extreme catch-up mode, so I do appreciate you mentioning this.)

glad to hear you enjoyed sitting. I used to visit the San Francisco Zen Center a lot when I lived there, and I really enjoyed it as well.

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