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August 26, 2008


That is SUCH a critical line, Untamed. I do think that this generous speech will bring about a lot of healing.

Her comments on health care seems to be getting the biggest reaction from the crowd.

Julie - I agree. I think she's saying exactly what's needed to help her supporters move to Obama.

I may just have to come out of my semi-blog "vacation" to post about all this!

Surely the 30% or so of Hillary supporters who said they'd vote for McCain will change their mind tonight. Right?

Great line about the "Twin Cities" where Bush and McCain will both appear next week!

Especially since she's really hitting on women's issues. (I'm assuming most of those supporters are women.)

I hope all the Clinton critics and those that said she'd make a fuss are happy with what is one of the greater speeches I've ever heard from a politician. It wasn't about winning or losing, it's about the road we take. Amazing.

So I've switched over to MSNBC to see if they interview any Hillary supporters who planned to support McCain ... Chris Matthews: "She challenged people as to their motives." He's also saying there was no sense of defeat in her speech, but a sense of purpose.

Very nice.

Tara, this whole night seemed to be about the road we take. I look forward to your post!

Remember last spring when so many were worried about a divided party at the convention? What a relief and a joy to see Hillary take the high road tonight.

I can hardly wait for Obama on Thursday!

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