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August 26, 2008


Just got home and am settling in for the festivities...

Alright, I'm an idiot. I didn't know Lily Ledbetter is a real person!

Hi Tara. Hope you got some good news today. Here's a handy cheat sheet for tonight's schedule:


a.k.a. we can't know the players without a scorecard.

What should Governor Warner's score be do you think? He's not holding my attention well. I'm ready for Hillary!

I think he's doing OK, but I don't know why he started before 8, when the prime time coverage was supposed to start.

Brian Schweitzer is up soon. They probably should've given HIM the keynote.

Warner is wearing me out--just not what I expected from him I guess.

If you come to whup my ***, Julie (per Sis's threat), can you bring me an industrial strength set of Dr Scholls and some duct tape? Tomorrow's gonna be the suxxx.

Other thoughts: iphone hatery du jour: sending a flickr shot, I typed Steny Hoyer, got Stent Boyer thanx to the typing-correction dictionary.

Warner's doin' pretty strongly, loved Lily's speech -- egregious case law merits the attention.

Oh, and posted a comment about a tiny isolated raft of Texans waving Hillary signage. Maybe a dozen or so. Nothing huge, but congregated together and ... just odd.

Looking at the schedule, there are a lot of "remarks" to listen to before HRC. I'm hoping remarks are short! Looking forward to Schweitzer though.

I've been thinking tonight about prior conventions. In 1984 I remember watching the convention outside with my dad on his patio. Jesse Jackson brought us both to tears.

d2 I've got loads of duct tape...

Stickland seems to be hitting it out of the park, more so than Warner.

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