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August 28, 2008


Tara, thanks so much for doing this. We have a long night ahead of us ,so don't feel you have to blog for six hours!

I have absolutely nothing else to do!! ;)

What the...? They're not at the field yet? Frickin atrios is there. Some major beech slapping coming their way.

Can you imagine trying to herd d2?

I can't imagine trying to herd either of them!

Just got word from Jill of New West that she just now made it in and it's a madhouse. I'm glad there are hours and hours left until the main event.

You know, that's a pretty classy ad from McCain. (He may be assuming a little too much by figuring everyone will know what he means by referencing "this historic day.")

Thanks for the link.

Once they hear what I'm assuming will be a moving speech by Congressman John Lewis tonight, they'll understand what "historic day" means. They'll understand the importance of this day--the importance of Dr. King.

Tara, thanks for blogging John Lewis. I missed that; I'll have to get the video later.

I wound up needing to take my laptop to the Basque Center so we can try and play video that Serephin is editing at this moment. So I'll try to chime in now and then.

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