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August 28, 2008


Did anyone spot our Idahoans on TV? I saw Steve Mercado and Richard Hill briefly on PBS.

Wow, Pat Buchanan is giving Obama A+ reviews on the speech. Check the sky for pigs!

Mercado's appearance got a big cheer at the Basque Center. Standing room only, meaning there were more than 300 people.

You are most welcome, Julie.

Indeed Sharon, the Village came out.

Serephin-mygodman no more eloquent voice has ever uttered from your keyboard. Kick it up man.

I just wanna say, that the top of the ticket is beyond hands such as ours and very ably enabled they are. I spent the most of my night talking to the candidates in our fair state that stand to gain from the top of this ticket. Yet even with such an august play from most able players, it cannot be measured without the action from which is called forth by the very man who says he cannot do it without us. After tonight how can we bow down to the gauntlet placed before such a worthy crowd. There is little chance, and less a worthy goal, than to try and deliver four measly electoral voters in deliverance of an almost assured achieved objective. Therefore I call upon my campatriots to answer the challenge, and work hard for the very opportunity he has exposed to your most welcome advance. His enthusiasm can be spread to a variety of Democratic causes for which he would most surely advocate were his time unlimited and his exuberance everlasting. This is an absolutely a bottom up cause. Dont lose sight of it and pick some very worthy and able Democrats to turn our state blue. The time is ripe, the cause is just, and we are Idahoans. We have opportunity here. Let's not let it pass to the pages of regret. Pick your candidate, calendar some time, and help achieve the dream.

Sisyphus, speaking of eloquence ...

what you said! With the polls so close, our four measly votes may well make a difference, and we may well deliver them to a Democrat for the first time in 44 years.

But you're right: Helping our downballot Dems is paramount. Tawny Reckamp of the local Obama office said the same thing. We have opportunities for pick-ups in some of the most unlikely spots: District 14 (Michelle Waddell), District 15 (Greg Funk), and District 21 (Sharon Fisher and Steve Dillehay). I'm sure there are other examples statewide. I'll be compiling a list over the weekend.

If anyone who attended the convention is willing to sell me some of their signs, I'll pay money for the signs and shipping to Seattle, good money.

The sea of people at Mile High tonight is an unbelievable testament to the belief of America that this nation needs a new direction, this nation needs leadership and this nation DOES NOT need another four years of Bush tax cuts, No Child Left Behind, and an energy policy that makes absolutely no sense.

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