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August 28, 2008


Lookin' forward to Al Gore!

Seeing Al Gore makes me a bit wistful that he chose not to be the one giving the final speech tonight. I was a Gore supporter until early this year when he decided not to run again.

Now we have about an hour until we get to the pinnacle of this amazing week!

BTW, did anyone else watch CNN last night after the Biden speech? There was an Idaho delegate in the background, behind their set on the floor holding up a LaRocco sign. I'm not sure but I think it was Steve Mercado (was it you Steve?).

Missed it Irwin, I rarely catch CNN.

I would have liked to see Gore as the nominee also.

I wish you all could be here right now. I'm sitting up in the Blogger's Booth with Pam from Pam's House Blend next to me, and dozens of other bloggers I don't know.

I look out through the glass in front of me, to the huge stage and the sea of humanity spread out throughout the Mile High stadium. Barack Obama standing, tall and strong, at the podium. He speaks in a way that brings these 70,000-plus Americans to their feet, cheering, shouting, exulting in the vision of this man from Illinois.

For nearly eight years we, the American people, have wandered a shattered landscape, starving for hope and justice. In Barack Obama we see, not just a man who can lead us out of a failed Republican wilderness, we see a mirror of ourselves. A mirror that shows us our better nature, our true potential. Barack Obama shows us we are so much more than the sum of our disparate parts -- we are, together, the engine of change for a better tomorrow.

We see the best of ourselves in Barack Obama. And in that precious gift, we now see the beginning of a new, brighter day to come.

The visual of that crowd alone when compared next Thursday in Minneapolis should be sufficient reason for the GOP to approach the coming two months with fear and trepidation!

Serephin, that was beautiful. Who knew under all that wingnut poking you could be so eloquent? ;) Seriously, thank you S.

Tara, thank you for the play-by-play. I am not sure I will be able to dissect much tonight. I just absorbed the speech in the moment at the Basque Center (which was packed ... and hot)! The thing that's sticking with me most was his comment that the campaign has never been about him; that it's about us. He's our organizer-in-chief.

Serephin, thanks for the beautiful image of the sea of 70,000 folks witnessing this historic evening.

Yes, Gore was great. Perhaps we will see him tapped to lead the 10-year-effort to end our dependence on foreign oil. It'll be a huge job, and he'd obviously be perfect for it. THAT is the cause of his life.

I just noticed the videos are linked HERE. We kept reloading blip.tv to try and find 'em on the 43SB page there. Oh well ... great work, Serephin, and I am sorry we did not catch these in time to play at the Basque Center.

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