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August 28, 2008


Click my name if you want some tangible bounce with that enthusiasm.

What time does the speech begin? I'm going to take a happy pill and see if I can join you and the rest of the throng.

And click again for a great bit of insight from Obama's chief of staff.

Jules, I'm having repeated issues with windows trying to load your page. Not sure why but it keeps aborting. I eventually get it.

And congratulations on coordinating all the great sites out there. You've done an outstanding job.

Never mind on the schedule. kos has it front paged. Holy chit, this looks like a winner, lining up twenty generals in support.

Happy pill? You okay Sis?

Sisyphus, I suspect the slow-loading may have something to do with all the video linkages etc., plus higher-than-usual traffic this week. Sorry about that. (This is a recent problem, right?)

.... and like Tara said, hope all's well in sisland. See you later.

Well it'll sound familiar to you. The words from the radiologists report that jumped out at me were "severe left greater than right subarticular lateral recess narrowing and a severe degree of narrowing of the central spinal canal." That translates into a lot of pain making for a cranky Sis. Again, I blame you.;-)

God, Sis, I just emailed you. This is horrible. Maybe the surgeons could give us a twofer...two surgeries for the price of one!

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