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August 18, 2008


Over the weekend I had TWO folks I know ask me "how can I vote?" These are adults that have never, ever voted, never wanted to, never cared of felt like it was really important; especially "living in Idaho".

If you asked me last week odds of getting them to vote, much less it be THEIR idea - I would have laughed in your face.

Both want to make sure they get to vote against McBush.

I see hope~! in Idaho :)


CQ Politics last week opined that McCain will "mash" Obama in Idaho, based mostly on the GOP's 10-election-streak here and McCain's status as a Westerner.

But theresa, what you say indicates that the conventional wisdom may be upended this year. All streaks must come to an end. If enough more people like the two you mention decide that THIS is the year they can help make change, Obama has a chance.

See you there sister.

I agree Julie, one is 45 this year and the other is 29 -- so not just a "certain age" or some other nonsense.

I think a lot of folks are tired of the same, and even if they are unsure of Obama, they are sure what we have is not good and not working, and we need to not have the same ...


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