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August 27, 2008


Thanks for the Schweitzer video. I was going to scare it up and am grateful you got it here. His way is the future of Dems in the West IMO.

This is actually the second half of it. I couldn't find a YouTube of the whole thing. Here's the whole thing, with subtitles!


I love how Schweitzer says "The petro dictatators will never own American wind and sunshine." This speech came as no surprise to those of us lucky enough to hear the Gov in person at the 2005 JFK dinner! He is Mr Energy, literally and figuratively. Send this clip to all your swing voting friends and family.
Hey everyone,

Here is a GREAT video from Tuesday night at the DNC. Many people may have missed Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer - who spoke right before Hillary Clinton - because several of the cable news networks talked "over" most of his speech. So here's the clip. Maybe we can get some moderate Idahoans thinking about what it would mean if we started electing more Democrats!


Spread it around ...


Shouldn't that be "Lefteous" Speechifying. ;-)

HA! Democrats will reclaim the word RIGHT, because we are.

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