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August 15, 2008


I agree Julie - he's handled this all very very poorly, displaying an alarming depth of arrogance. His response was all about Wayne. No where does he attempt to defend his dual role, as though he's perfectly entitled. And what specifically "vilified" him in the editorial? What are those "details" he suggests were omitted?

"All about Wayne" indeed. If anything, the IPT editorial seemed to go out of its way to build up his character, commending the way he performed his job as a reporter and wondering what's happened since those days. And as you say, he has done nothing to answer the IPT's concerns about the campaign job that's distracting him from his public duties.

People like Wayne Hoffman exist - and indeed thrive in the Gem State political establishment - because Idaho voters have rewarded arrogance in the past. It'll be interesting to see whether this is the year a majority of us look past party labels and finally say "enough."

OMG! take a look here at what came out of Bill Sali's mouth.


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