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August 31, 2008


I think Bush skipping the convention is the only play here. They really don't want him there anyway and it helps them look like they're doing something while New Orleans drowns, again. They really should delay the convention cause they're going to look like Nero again. But that would be a logistical nightmare and be a major drain on the very flush RNC treasury. Might earn them some pity points though and will delay the needed vetting on the unknown VP choice.

Gustav looks worse than Katrina right now. If I recall correctly, the real damage to New orleans didn't occur the day she hit but for days after when the water dumped into the Mississippi drainage came down at once. Gustav is being fed by the warm eddies right now and looks to stall over Lousiana for a couple days after landfall. This looks really ugly since all that water will have to go through the New Orleans choke point. It would be a good play for Obama to mobilize his campaign forces in Louisiana and neighboring states to help with the aftermath.

"They really don't want him there anyway ..."

Exactly. Gustav is a convenient excuse for him to stay away. I don't buy that it's anything more than that for him.

New Orleans and the entire region seem much better prepared this time. But I agree that Obama oughta ask his Gulf Coast supporters to be ready to help. There's indication on the Obama blog that it will happen:


Idaho sends our thoughts and prayers to everyone on the Gulf Coast.

It will be nice to have an administration in place that makes decisions FOR the people they represent - instead of as an excuse or problem to be dealt with or ignored.


I Can't resist: McSame to GW, "Storm? What storm? Let them eat cake"....

Yep. This is my next-to-favorite Bush-McCain photo, other than the one of McCain giving Bush a big ol' bear hug. Two of a kind.

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