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September 28, 2008


Great Sharon, you're making some inroads. I guess your opponent will just phone it in. The people in 21 deserve better than a newby who expects to be coronated. That's so arrogant.

Hey Sis,

You do realize that coronating the newby candidate is SOP for the GOP. It's what has been the guiding principle behind Risch's campaign!


I was dropping off a bunch of yard signs yesterday, and I got into a conversation with a woman from District 21 who was visiting her friend in Boise.

"Oh, you have a great candidate this year," I told her. I mentioned the fact you'd had an internship with JFAC and really know your way around the Statehouse. These women were both state employees and very impressed by that credential.

Keep working hard these next five weeks, and you may surprise a lot of people on November 4!

Hi all,

Man the debates are actually heating up - I coop up accepted requital and forth with who wishes oblige
us and our fatherland the best.

Any thoughts?

Congratulations, Julie on your new alliance with the Idaho Democratic Party as its media critter! You've got great ideas for the future of Idaho Democrats. They are lucky to get you. I feel connected to the party already.

Hello, I am Casey Fronczek and would like to discuss the state that the US is in with everybody else, what are your thoughts on the current state of the economy?

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