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September 20, 2008


Personally, it seems to me that both candidates for 19 seem reasonably close on the issues that matter to me but I've found it refreshing that McGowan's leaflet was totally free of hackneyed political bombast, which is unfortunately what Cronin's (above) is full of. I vote the man (person), not the party and all of the references made in this post (above) bore me. And I haven't had a leaflet yet from Brian, so perhaps McGowan putting some money into the campaign isn't such a bad thing. Taking the time to tell us about themselves is more important than just putting up a yard sign. IMHO.

This excerpt from Cronin's newsletter is the perfect example of why I am voting for both Obama and McGowan. I find it disheartening that the Democratic choice for District 19 would blast a Republican for taking moderate stances on important issues, particularly education. Isn't this what we have been asking them to do all along? I personally haven't seen great improvements in the lives of Idahoans from Cronin's supposed "advocacy". In fact, until he started putting his name in everyone's front yard, I had never heard of him. In contrast, McGowan is the president of the North End Association, on the Board of Boise Contemporary Theatre and on the Board of Fundsy, which raises money for the YMCA. That is a track record I can get behind.

Thanks for stopping by to comment, Obama/McGowan and Hyde Park Forever.

Do either of you know why Kevin skipped the forum at BSU? There won't be many chances for voters to meet their candidates, so I'm troubled by the idea he had something more important to do. And while it's good that he is active in the community, his deep associations with the Republican Party (especially its most regressive elements like Jim Risch) indicate he would not represent the views of most District 19 residents.

O/M, I have to say that if you haven't heard of Brian, you may not be paying attention. Not only did he run in the Democratic primary for the state legislature a few years ago (when Nicole LeFavour won the nomination and later the seat), he has been super-active in the community including (from his website):

"serving on the boards of the Idaho Human Rights Education Center, Boise State Radio (public radio), and the Chamber’s Small Business Success Center. He is a volunteer for the United Way’s Community Impact Review Team, the Agency for New Americans, Direct Impact Response Team (D.I.R.T.), and the American Red Cross. He is a former member of the Ada County Highway District Neighborhood Advisory Committee (appointed to represent Boise by Mayor Bieter) and a graduate of Leadership Boise, a two-year leadership development program. He’s a member of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Idaho, and Boise Young Professionals."

I think that they have a debate with Dan Popkey moderating on October 1st. http://www.boiseyp.org/37.html

Maybe Brian can use his conections to get it broadcast on BSU radio for people that can not attned.

Ah yes, stealth commenters for the stealth candidate, eh Julie? I see they're proposing to dip their trunks into the gerrymandered Democratic District 19, in the vainglorious hope they can pull a fast one on the voters. Actually Kevin seems a perfectly able candidate but since he's a Republican, I'm pretty sure his message would be stongly different if he lived anywhere else but in the North End which traditionally votes for party that best represents their interests.

Instead Kevin McGowan does whatever he can to make himself look like a Democrat, even eschewing the title of Republican in all his slick and expensive advertisements. But make no mistake about it folks, Kevin was a Republican delegate to the national convention last month in Minneapolis and is busy networking his commercial real estate practice through the Republican party statewide. So I ask you fellow voters of District 19 does the statehouse really need another Republican? The Republican Party's solution to the massive transportation and air quality problems we have here in the valley was to try and take away local option as a potential tool. That's a step backwards. I'm sorry but Kevin will just be another good ol' boy, when the statehouse is full of them.

Hey O/M, you dissing the advocacy of community volunteers? I don't think Obama would like that. But we both know you're not really an Obama supporter, don't we sockpuppet? And just because you don't like Brian Cronin's signs, please stop taking them down.

I would like to say that as a teacher, I really appreciate when local organizations step up to help our underfunded schools. Kevin McGowan led the North End Association in their efforts to provide funding to fix up schools in our neighborhood, and I really appreciate that. He has also come out in favor of Early Childhood Education, an issue near and dear to my heart. Sure, his opponent runs a high end private school in the north end, but I am more interested in a representative who will be able to bring change for all Idaho kids, not just those who can afford it. As a Democrat and a progressive, I am ready for a little progress.

The suggestion that Kevin McGowan is a better education candidate than Brian Cronin is absurd. He's running as a Republican! You think electing another one of those in the Idaho Legislature is going to help us make any progress in education? Think again.

Brian and his wife operate a small preschool in Southeast Boise. Almost ALL preschools in Idaho, with the exception of Head-Start schools, are private because the Idaho Legislature, dominated by Republicans like Kevin McGowan, has consistently failed to fund early childhood education.

Brian Cronin has a masters degree in education. His two daughters are enrolled in public school in Boise. He has taught at an inner-city school in Boston, a public school in Ecuador, and tutored at a homeless shelter in Philadelphia. Brian has experience, knowledge, deep convictions and a vested interest in education.

Kevin McGowan? Hmmm ... His "track record" can't begin to compare to Cronin's. (McGowan has been endorsed by IACI! That's practically enough said, right there.) The suggestion that his board membership on Fundsy means he has education experience is simply laughable. Thanks for the chuckle, but please. Talk about grasping.

McGowan's piece is just a bunch of slick rhetoric carefully tailored to appeal to voters in District 19. So to any of you so-called progressives who suggest that McGowan's a better candidate for education than Brian Cronin? Start thinking. You're being duped.

Anyone got any news on if BSU will broadcast this debate?

I just wanted to stick a note on here to mention I went to my local community association meeting last night here in Collister for the candidate forum and Kevin McGowan was there but no Brian Cronin.

I find it pretty rich that Brian can slam Kevin for not attending a candidate forum and then a week later doing the same himself.

I'm sure Brian had a good excuse for missing it, but then that would mean McGowan gets the same benefit of the doubt.

Let's keep the hypocrisy to a minimum friends.

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