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September 22, 2008


One of the points brought up early by news agencies but abandoned very quickly regards the CEOs through all of this....Are these bailouts also bailing out the golden parachutes for these thugs who run these corporations with such reckless endangerment? I heard a clip from McCain when he was questioned about it and he wouldn't even answer the question about it. That sure doesn't sound like a candidate who will hold people accountable to me.

I'm sorry but the democratic plan gives away a large chunk of any profit to Corrupt ACORN. They have already been found guilty on voter fraud, embezzlement, as well as being the creator of "NO DOWN PAYMENT loans.

How is that watching out for middle America? All profits, if any should go towards retiring the debt.

The democrats gave ACORN billions just this summer, the got billions during the spring.

ACORN is NOT taking care of the middle class

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