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September 30, 2008


THE TELEPROMPTER PRESIDENT at URL http://www.TeleprompterPresident.com has an excellent video on What Caused Our Economic Crisis. Here's the link: http://www.teleprompterpresident.com/2008/10/what-caused-our.html

This is propaganda put out by desperate deregulating republicans. The Acorn program was a program with counseling that helped people into homes. The sub-prime mess of today was caused by greed without counseling or care for the client. I might be even angrier since I spent 3 hours trying to keep a man in his home today and failed. I might have failed because the holder on the second probably hopes the government will buy the bad note at $.40 on the dollar instead of the traditional 10% the first lien offers the second lien holder. I was wondering if it would be harder to renegotiate loans or complete short sales. Today I found out it is harder.
McCain cannot get us out of this mess! It was deregulators like McCain that has allowed the financial markets to act without oversight. It is time to vote the deregulators out of office and protect the American people. Barack Obama has my full support.

And to think when I saw the phrase "teleprompter president" I could have sworn they were referring to McCain (or Bush).

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