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September 29, 2008


Julie -

Congrats on the new job - but also on what you have created here. You are a multi talented woman, and an inspiration to so many - yet you still stay connected to who you are and your family.

You make the balancing act look easy (but I know it is not).

So here's to you Julie - cheers!


Wow! That's great news for the Democrats Julie. Congratulations.

Good luck and congratulations Julie.

Congratulations, Julie! You were clearly the best choice for the job, and I look forward to continuing to read your work.

I must profess a combination of elation for you and sadness at the prospects of loosing your continued input on such a remarkable website. You and a select few kept my spirits up throughout the years in Idaho dealing with the foolishness that would take place all in the name of a political party and the glorious letter "R" next to a name on a ballot. God bless and continue to make this world a better place as I do the same here in the keystone state.

Julie, Welcome aboard!

Thom George
Kootenai County Democrats


what theresa said!

Thanks, everyone. This will in fact be my last COMMENT here because I learned yesterday that, as a DNC employee, I can't comment on blogs, much less write or maintain them.

I am thrilled that so many people posted this week. I'm turning over admin duties to the secret Idaho blog police, and I hope you'll all carry on here just as you have been.

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