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September 03, 2008


Another very cynical line: How some people use change to promote their careers and others use their careers to promote change.

How can these people stand to be so cynical?

"The presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery." (Again, how cynical can she be?)

"There is only one man in this election who has ever really fought for you." (As if serving in the military is the only way to fight ... tell it to the guys at Walter Reed, lady, who were forgotten by the Republicans in Congress until Obama threw light on their plight ...)

[[Huge boos at mention of Washington insiders and media.

Ooops, I'm doing play by play.

Posted by: Julie in Boise | September 03, 2008 at 08:45 PM ]]

Ya know - you don't have to subject yerself!

Does no ONE mention that McCain is a "Washington insider" BTW? He has been there how long - 26 years?

So I guess Amy Goodman and all the other media types arrested won't be getting any sympathy from this crowd, eh?

Ah yes, the POW story. We knew it was coming.

She's done.

The GOP is doing its roll call tonight. I'm sure the Idaho delegation will give Sarah a big shout-out as our native daughter.

Papa McCain just came out to say hi. "Don't you think we made the right choice for the next vice president of the United States? And what a beautiful family."

I gotta say, I really feel for Bristol and Levi right now.

[I gotta say, I really feel for Bristol and Levi right now.]

Pawns.... poor things.

How long was the speech?

For all the mocking of the DNC set last week - the Greek columns (hello? it looked like the White House)? - I am really creeped out by the video backdrop at this convention. I can't figure out what it reminds me of, but it's got a weird Big Brother/Videodrome vibe.

Oh man, there's actually a black guy onstage ... Cowboy Troy, with John Rich and Gretchen Wilson, singing the national anthem and reciting the pledge ...

Hey, did you know that Sarah Palin thinks the Pledge of Allegiance was good enough for the Founding Fathers when it was actually written in 1892 (and the phrase "under God" was added in the 1950s)?


How long was the speech?

About 35 minutes, I reckon.

Didn't watch it. I'm trying to get a notebook computer with a temperamental power supply to charge up.

So what's the verdict? Charismatic, or Student Council-esque?

Yeah, the Pledge thing. As soon as I read about it, I knew it was 1954 for the addition of 'under God.' I remember tracking down info on it awhile back. The Pledge was drummed up for a commercial venture of some sort?

Crooks & Liars had a hilarious post with video from 'The Bells of St. Mary's" (Bing Crosby fame) showing the kids reciting the Pledge. Nope - no "under god." The film, 1944?

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