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September 03, 2008


Ok, someone tell me she actually said something of substance in this argument? Sounds like she used all kinds of half truths, exagerations and downright lies tonight. Oh yeah, she sports she was against the bridge to nowhere but yet she initially supported it when votes mattered. She talked about producing practacle results as mayor but yet wanted to ban books. She talks about family values but yet stands there with an underaged daughter who was pregnant?!?!?!? Check Please!!!!

My verdict, as rendered above: highly cynical. And perhaps Charismatic with a capital "C." Please, if you read none of the other links above, check out the HuffPo story on her church.


Rachel Maddow on MSNBC said she was surprised to see so much belittling of Obama.

Gloria Borger on CNN: "I think we'll see ourselves back in the culture wars," this time between cities and small towns.

Of course, we know NOTHING about that in Idaho. But I have to believe a lot of small-town Americans will be just as disturbed as this city girl by the GOP's fear-mongering and cynicism.

Florida's up on the roll call, in case anyone is interested. So we're getting close to Idaho.

Jim Risch did the honors, shouting out to Kristin Armstrong and Sarah Palin.

I hope Kristin endorses Obama tomorrow. That'd be funny.

But truth be told, we missed Kristin in our Dem roll call speech last week. That was an oversight. Ooops.

I'm signing off for tonight. Thanks to everyone who stopped by; keep the comments coming if you're just arriving. We'll do it again for McCain tomorrow.

What a nasty, negative speech.

Re: OPSEC, I'm not sure about Army rules, but in the Navy we couldn't announce ship's movements until 72 hours before the ship left or arrived. My guess is that she's a little confused, and he's going back to his unit from pre-deployment leave on 9/11, with the unit deploying later; as far as she's concerned, she won't see her son again until after he gets back from Iraq after than date. Announcing leave dates of specific unit members doesn't violate OPSEC.

As far as it being "illegal", there's no law against violating OPSEC for parents; the servicemember who told them could get in trouble, though. It's still in bad taste, and if McCain (as a Senator) had gotten a briefing about that unit's (I think it's the 52nd Infantry Regiment of the 25th Infantry Division) deployment date, and allowed it to be announced, that would be bad. The odds of Senators being briefed on specific units not in their home state would be just about nil. I'm guessing it'll turn out that he's just going back to his unit on 9/11, and they'll come out with a correction shortly.

Thanks, Bubblehead. I knew you'd be on top of this. And I'm still hoping you see the light on McCain. It pains me to no end that you will vote for him, especially as bad as he is on the energy issue, never mind the way his VP vetting was mishandled.

Now I really am signing off. :)

I just had to add this quote from a Eagle, Idaho Renaissance Cafe Coffee Drinker which says it all via the IS:

“It doesn’t concern me that she doesn’t have international experience. She’s not running for commander-in-chief,” Ford said. “She has as much experience as the opposition. The presidential nominee has the international experience.

“She’ll get on-the-job training as everybody does.”

OMG do these women have actual brains or do they have to ask permission to vote in their homes???

Fairy, I just read that story in this morning's print edition. It was interesting that the Statesman interviewed people in Meridian and Eagle, most of whom support McCain-Palin, but none in Boise. Had the reporter actually interviewed folks in the area's largest city, I think she would've heard a bit more dissent.

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