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September 10, 2008


Nice snag blogma on the Dirkster asleep at the wheel. No surprise.

Yeah, except as I say above, much of this seemed to happen before his watch - and yet it's interesting that it's taken this long to come out. And yet, it's not a moment too soon to raise more questions about the Grand Oil Party and the "Drill, Baby, Drill" crowd.

I remember a Statesman article with mentions of lots of rumors about the Dirkster when he was Senator and Governor. I wouldn't paint him as totally innocent, necessarily (though not guilty, either).

Hey Lost, how about an update from Utah? Is Jim Matheson likely to win another term? Are any other Democrats rising in the polls?

Matheson = Republican. Really. I'll vote for him because he beats someone with the R by them by a slight amount...but he's so not a Democrat. He should win very easily, mostly because he votes with the rest of the crowd here 99% of the time. He's not like, say, Harry Reid.

Statewide, not a chance in heck (as we say here) that you will see any more Democratic representation but in SL County, a Democrat is the Mayor (the county has a Mayor as does SL City proper) and he is running this year and should easily win re-election.

There's strong Obama support here around the city, but once you get out of Salt Lake County (with the possible exception of over towards Price which is coal country), it's kind of a lost cause to be a Democrat. It's sad.

I remember voting for LaRocco the last time he ran for office back in the day - I'm wishing him luck.

I will give props to Governor Huntsman, a Republican, because he does try to do things like increase education funding and change the liquor laws, but he gets shot down a lot.

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