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September 18, 2008


I bet you'd like to know when my yard sale is going to be, but it's a closely held campaign secret; plus, I'll only be accepting cash, so I won't "barter" or take "fair trade script" or whatever it is you Socialists do.

I was going to sell my TV to support the Hero of the Owyhees, but now I'm going to keep it so I can watch Bill Sali's first campaign commercial! I talk about why it's so great, and why there's no way that Bill Sali unethically utilized taxpayer resources by having the CRS draw up a report for him just so he could use the numbers for his commercial, at my Patriotic website: http://billsalifan.blogspot.com/2008/09/bill-sali-commercial-shows-why-hes-hero.html

Did other 1st district residents get this lovely mailer today from wacky Bill? Going through his list of votes, I found an anti-correlation of near unity in how I would vote compared to how he would vote. Guess this means I support Walt, huh?

Minnick is down 46-35 and needs more name id with voters and less time holding teas in Boise to raise money among the converted (who live mainly in the 2nd CD) to pay for campaign staff overhead, and he needs to bring Sali down five points with some advertisements reminding people of Sali's poor performance, bad reputation and others things that would make for a good contrast.

The Statesman had the yard sale story today.


It would be fun for us all to go in and comment with other ways Sali could raise money: Bake sales! Collecting bottles and cans! Lemonade stands! Paper drives!

The Statesman also had an interesting angle about how the yard sales might run afoul of campaign contribution reporting.

Sharon, I saw that and wish they'd pursued the FEC angle a little more. Technically, anyone buying anything at these yard sales ought to be filling out the usual contribution disclosure form. Given Sali's continual troubles with the FEC, I'd be very surprised if they're asking their yard salers to do that.

Bernard, I agree. Minnick needs to come out with some hard-hitting ads. And the media needs to do its job reporting on the FEC story (with another quarter closing soon) and other assorted Sali malfeasance.

As for the mailer, I heard about it at the Women's Fitness deal this morning. It sounds nasty. No surprise.

Actually, it turns out that I GOT the Sali mailer, even though I live in the 2nd District. Way to spend those scarce campaign dollars!

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