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September 14, 2008


Popular or polarizing? She is Bush in a dress. Now that McCain's campaign seems to be driving the trad med narrative its interesting to see the rest of the story. Now they're co-opting further by playing bad cop good cop with the next interview going to Hannity so they can claim that Fox News is the only one fair and balanced. Good work on this Julie.

"Bush in a dress" - or maybe Cheney? (Now that's a disturbing image!) But that's right on; the NYT story today makes it clear that Palin would be a polarizing figure in DC, just as she has been in Alaska - only more so.


On one hand, I'd just like to ignore Sarah Palin and focus on the issues, on which McCain-Palin would be beaten soundly. On the other hand, it's hard to ignore news like this, though the trad media seems to be doing just that. So we'll soldier on in the role of trying to get the media to pay attention to those who don't consider Gov. Palin the latest American Idol.

Speaking of which, what a fair and balanced job Dan Popkey did with his Palin story today, eh? No one remembers her, and one of the people most excited about her is ... an Obama supporter?


I'm sure there are folks out there who could paint a slightly different picture (at least!), but they're either afraid to talk or - since she really spent quite little time at the U of I - people really don't remember her.

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