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September 04, 2008


Yet another example of Bill Sali's leadership and effectiveness that's so vexing to you Anti-Sali Socialists! As mega-spokesman Wayne Hoffman implies, it's just not fair that you Democrats have the gall to try to win Bill Sali's seat, and it's certainly not fair that you only run one person for Senate against 4 Patriots! Why, in a situation like that, Liberal Larry LaRock could end up winning this multi-candidate race with less than a majority of the votes! He could even win while getting as little as 25.37% of the votes. How American is that? I refute your heresy here: http://billsalifan.blogspot.com/2008/09/another-bill-sali-success.html

Of course, if Bill Sali really wanted to help Idaho, he could ask Jim Risch to bow out of the race.

Thanks for the laffs, BSF. Here's the comment I just posted at your place:

Did you know that Bill Sali got more votes in 2006 (115,843) than Sarah Palin (114,697)? So why didn't Sali get chosen as McCain's VP, eh?

Is he embarrassed to be beaten by a girl?

Of course, they both got less than 50% of the vote that year, meaning that more people voted against them than for them.

Irwin, if Bill Sali really wanted to help Idaho, he'd ask himself to bow out of his race.

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