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September 02, 2008


The straight talk express starts their show with sincerity from a movie actor, a infidelitous turncoat, and the reprobate in chief who did just the opposite of what he said he would do, provide security, be fiscally responsible, and enhance our place in the world. I could type for pages on the hypocrisy and outright falsehoods. But why? It was so overwhelmingly pathetic, the audience enthusiasm so low, playing to a vacuous audience, it would almost seem unsporting but for the damage they've caused this country.

Having suffered through the last eight years, I cannot bring myself, despite morbid curiosity and confirmed political addictions, to bear one moment of the RNC "program". I will however gleefully embellish on Sisyphus' comment on the lack of enthusiasm with a link to a Wonkette post with a photo of the rousing rabble at this party's party. Click on idagreen. Oh, and visit the main page there for a bit more ummm, colorful appraisal of Uncle Joe.

Great link, idagreen. Thanks. We need more network TV pix of those empty seats.

Joe L's biggest laff was when he said Barack Obama has never reached across the aisle. The dude worked with loony Tom Coburn to bring greater oversight to federal spending; he deserves a medal! Not to mention Richard Lugar, with whom he has worked to control loose nukes.

Shame, shame.

I thought candidte's "kids" were off limits...is that except if you parade out the minority, adopted, handicapped kids in order to promote your family-ism.

One line form the well known about Idaho's "village idiot" within the last week was young unwed teen mothers are not giving up their children for adoption...I assume so they can be brought up by those so called conservative "christians" (small "c") to raise properly...

Another recent comment was that it appears the abstinence education message was going very well in Alaska.

I saw that Obama's speech last week drew more TV viewers than the last final of American Idol, or any day of the just-concluded Olympics. That's an astonishing achievement in and of itself.

Meanwhile, what I've seen of the Republican convention reminds me of a line from that 1989 cinematic masterpiece UHF, "More people watch the fish tank at Leo's Pet Store." It really looks thrown together and piecemeal to me.

I just can not do it, it makes me angry and physically ill. I have zero desire to watch...


t, I actually think that's probably the safest and sanest route for most people.
And it definitely will be interesting to see if the next two nights' viewership gets anywhere close to the 38 million people who watched Obama last week. The again, a lot of people do enjoy watching disasters happen, and some political junkies (myself included) consider it a perverse part of our duty.
This reminds me of the tagline for the blog News Hounds (click my name): "We watch Fox News so you don't have to."

I hear ya Julie, I used to have that I need to know, to be the most effective mantra.

Then I got cancer - laughs - best gift I ever got in the long run, gave me permission to say I do not like this!



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