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September 25, 2008


Its on sister. Where do we watch?

I know of two debate watches:

the Obama campaign one at Taj Mahal

a Drinking Liberally shindig at the City Grill

More soon ...

I really thought McCain had a character...I would not have voted for him over Obama, at all, but I am extremely disappointed in what he's shown. I always had a lot of respect for the man, and other than a few key issues, including a woman's right to choose, I agreed with him on many things.

Gee, three guesses why he doesn't want to debate our eloquent, intelligent, young candidate. Hm.

Go get 'im, Barack!

I am so pleased that so MANY have seen through the statements as the nonsense they were.

Now to watch him flop about, and then straight away blame the economy ....

I am glad I am voting for a man, that can multi task AND take responsibility.


Looking forward to a great party tonight at the Taj! Go Obama!

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