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September 26, 2008


It's SRO here at the Taj Majal! I estimate about 100 Obama supporters are enjoying the debate and the buffet here tonight.

Awesome. I'm not surprised at the turnout. Glad you all had a good time. I decided to hunker down and watch this at home.

I thought it was a good, substantive debate. Obama was far stronger on the economic issues; my favorite line was how, when Jim Lehrer pressed the candidates on how the budget crisis will affect their plans, Obama said he knew he'd have to make tough decisions "but in order to make those decisions, we have to know what our values are."

Obama showed far more nuance, too. After McCain called for a spending freeze except for defense, veterans, and entitlements, Obama said, "You're using a hatchet when you need a scalpel." he suggested that continuing to spend $10 billion a month in Iraq while skimping on health care and early childhood education in the U.S. isn't reflective of our values.

I was really struck by how McCain basically refused to acknowledge Obama's presence except at fleeting moments. Obama, by contrast, frequently turned to address McCain directly. And while McCain didn't have any serious senior moments, Obama did seem much more energetic, engaged, and frankly presidential. But of course, I am biased. :)

I'm listening to 670 KBOI, where legislators Nicole LeFavour and John McGee are up next with their takes.

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