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September 21, 2008


Sharon, thanks for posting this. It's amazing how much more in depth your answers were than those of your opponent. I'll be shocked if you don't get the endorsement(s).

Are you doing much door knocking? (It's obviously a huge district to cover; what percentage of the population is in Kuna?)

Do you have a way for people to contribute to your campaign online? ActBlue or PayPal or ???


Not doing as much door knocking as I should; I'm focusing on ways to get to talk to multiple people at once. Tonight I attended the Treasure Valley Baptist Church God and Country Candidates Rally.

Working on ActBlue. But say, PayPal is a great idea, and I can probably do that quicker! Thanks!

I noticed that Steve Elgar in District 1 is using PayPal.

Good luck, Sharon!

Keep it up Sharon! Fight the good fight!

Sharon, great answers, but that doesn't surprise me at all.

I've been trying to find polling data for your race but failing; can anyone in the blogosphere help a leftie out?


Nobody can afford polling data for legislative races that I know of. :) but thanks.

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