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October 27, 2008


SO here's the thing. At the Simspon/Holmes debate on Tues. Simpson said that Carter suspended nuclear reprocessig. This is not true. It was Gerald Ford. Carter expended our alternative energy programs and Reagan got rid of them. I just read Thomas Friedman's new book and an interesting fact that he pointed out was that Reagan even got rid of the solar panel that Carter had installed on the White House for no reason. It's not like it was costing any extra money, it's just that Republican's hate alternative energy programs b/c they are essentially a Democratic Party idea.

I wish someone could somehow point out Simpsons error so that people are not misinformed. We need some sort of factcheck after these debates.

By the way, Debbie, I think you nailed him on healthcare. Nailed him. Especially by pointing out that he didn't even seem to know the difference between "socialized medicine" and Obama's healthcare plan, pointing out that Obama's plan would only make government a competitor. I don't fault you for not having a quick answer to Simpson's charge against Carter. He was full of it, but I had to look it up to see for sure. Carter affirmed it, but the public was strongly agaisnt nuclear power at the time as a result of threemile and chernobyl. Ford is the one who indefinitely suspended the reprocessing of nuclear material.

Now the level 4 and 5 nuclear reactors in China and France can take the nuclear waste from our thirty year old level 3 reactors, reprocess it, and use it to produce more energy than our level 3 reactors would produce out of the original material. We are losing the competitive edge in this potential industry.

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