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October 09, 2008


Personally, I enjoy the act of voting.

My polling place is the Baptist Church at 13th and Washington. The Poll Workers are nice, and if you get there early enough there’s usually some really awesome home baked cookies.

I enjoy the ceremony of hearing the names called out (”Joe Bleux Has Voted!”). One of the ladies usually claps as she calls it, and sends you on your way with a “I Voted” lapel sticker - which I wear as proudly as the “I Gave Blood” stickers I get.

There’s a sense of fellowship in the air. Esprit de Corps even.

The Few… The Proud… The Voters!

I also enjoy voting "live" -- after 21 years of voting absentee in the Navy, I like the act of going to the polls on election day. (I'm working nights, so I'll be able to go just as the polls open, and will avoid the evening lines.) That being said, I know that it's a lot easier for some people to vote absentee, and theresa is absolutely right -- everyone should vote!

For those who won't be absentee voting and prefer not to wait in those lines on election day, there is also early voting available. The information concerning early voting can be found here:

I will vote on election day, but tonight I got a phone call, and automated polling with the following questions:
a. Are you a registered voter in Idaho, press 1 for yes, 2 for no;
b. Who do you plan to vote for President, press 1 for Barack Obama, 2 for John McCain, 3 for undecided;
c. Who do you plan to vote for US Senate, press 1 for Larry LaRocco the Democrat, 2 for Jim Risch the Republican, 3 for Kent Marmon the Libertain, 4 for Rex Rammel the independent 5 for ProLife or 6 for undecided;
d. Do you usually vote press 1 for Democrats 2 mostly Democrats 3 for Republicans 4 for mostly Republicans or 5 for Democrats and Republicans about the same
e. Are you 1 male or 2 female?

Then the recording ended.

I found it interesting that party labels were used for the Senate race and not the presidential race. Certainly the name id on the presidential race you don't need the association.

Since the recording said this was a private poll I concluded it is for one of the campaigns so I did my best to provide confounding results.

For Ada residents, early voting is now open at the county courthouse. Check my comment above for the location and times. It will go until the day before Election Day. And yes, I voted today!

I voted today!

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