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October 08, 2008


Woot! Go Larry and Cyrus!

Was this debate taped? Can we watch it on the Internet somewhere?

We're working on getting the video online and posted to the LaRocco campaign site -- will circulate a link as soon as it's done.


Hopefully the KLEW site will also have some video up at some point (though not as of yet):


I've updated Larry's wikipedia page to include a link to tonight's debate from the KLEW-TV website (it is up now). Here is his wiki page:

In a town that would - generally speaking - elect Dracula so long as he was running on the Republican Ticket, it's good to see an Idaho Democrat perform so eloquently and forcefully.

gotta hand it it Rammel though they way he handed it to the neo-con Risch for selling out true conservatives. There are plenty of folks that are in the republican party or are conservatives and have no use for people like Mike Simpson or Larry Craig or Jim Risch, and and will not be supporting either Larroco or Risch in the upcoming election

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