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October 16, 2008


wow, just wow

shakes head, I just can not even fathom, how we are to believe he takes him self seriously - or is able to do the job needed.

We see time and time again, he does not lack the knowledge or character needed.

Was any of this caught on tape? I hope so! and would make a nice commercial, so anyone left thinking silly sali is an option -- can see he thinks he is running for class clown in Jr. High.


edited to add

shakes head

he does not HAVE


the knowledge and character ....

I am so sickened by politics these days I can not even type a thought!


Voting Deadlines

Most of the states require an absentee ballot request to be made by October 24th. You can click on this link and request your absentee ballot.


Check your States Deadline Date at http://bostonnewsdesk.blogspot.com/2008/10/apply-for-absentee-ballot.html

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