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October 19, 2008


Um, why are you bringing up this matter about the Sali Congressional office being in the Hoff Building? If Minnick wins are you planning to open an office in the mall or something and skip downtown? It's really a bad idea to not have an office in downtown Boise because it's sort of the center of government and business. Besides, about 40,000 residents of the 1st Congressional District work in the 2nd CD. Mostly downtown.

I'm not sure where Walt will open his Congressional offices, but I know that Walt will follow the law. Sali ignores the rules, at huge taxpayer expense and at the expense of his West Boise, Meridian and Eagle constituents.

Mr. Minnick is a terrible debater. He had no self confidence. Larry Grant was a much better public speaker than the guy you put up there. All he wanted to talk about was the bridge. Mr. Sali clearly won the debate.

I disagree that Bill Sali "won" the debate, however it is true that Walt is not the most inspiring debater or speaker in public. Both sides scored points last night IMO, however, Sali does need to address the concerns with regards to the ethical lapses in his congressional office.

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