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November 25, 2008


Um, where did I say anything of the sort. I was talking about the LDS being shocked ("Shocked, I tell you") that gay-rights activists would single them out.

And methods are agnostic. Implying that we're supposed to be stoic while Republican Party wreaks havoc on Idaho and not fight them tooth and nail is a strawman of the lamest kind. Nobody that knows me or 43sb would ever expect it of me.

And is the idea of public information campaigns and forums against bigotry what you're referring to by 'make yourself feel better without actually changing anything'? I'll withhold a rather whithering response until I'm sure you meant that.

As for convincing people, that's a fool's errand. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and their ilk spoonfeed wingnuts insanity soup in monstrous quantities. A broad societal attack on the disinformation is needed, not a LTE.

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