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November 21, 2008


I love that you end with please think about city council and school boards. Too often we tend to forget about the base; and instead focus on the bigger campaigns only.

I would even suggest that a lot of the folks that run campaigns for things like, extreme issues that I consider hate issues; learned this rule all too well.

So those that were working hard in grassroots, local work and building a base and candidates up - started to skip this step.

But the other side said hey you know what works - and moved into that very quietly and very well.

It is an area that deserves focus, and time!

(ok sorry stepping off my soap box now)


good idea, Larry.

I think we should also focus on fund-raising. It's difficult for local candidates to run if they don't have enough money, and, in Boundary County, at least, we believe in raising money to give to candidates. We should also be donating more as individuals to the IDP. We have a great team of leaders in the IDP and if all those Democratic votes could turn into a monthly donation of $5-$50 or more, we might have the money to invest in local as well as state candidates.

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