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December 31, 2008


Thoroughly plowed [Mmm... Hot Buttered Rum] , I stood around the fire pit with friends late last night. Conversations running from Geo Politics and Poverty to the merits of Budweiser's new American Ale and Daft Punk.

With Midnight only a couple of minutes away, someone commented on how happy they were to see '08 go - and shortly - Dubya with it.

There was unanimous agreement; but moreover a spontaneous outpouring of hope, relief, pride and alcohol fueled giddiness at the prospect of national rebirth on January 20th with the Inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of our United States.

At the stroke of Midnight someone exclaimed "Thank God!", leading to a "God Bless America" from another, which in turn led to a hearty, happy, drunken sailor worthy bellowing of "God Bless America" by all.

I love 2009 already!


That sounds like an excellent New Year's Eve indeed. Thanks for sharing. I, too, am optimistic for 2009.

Citizen Julie

Love the voting day photo from atop Teton Pass. I'm wondering if you spotted any of my fellow Wyomingites on the other side of the highway?

Wow I was just there yesterday.

I love the picture. As a regular driver of the pass, election day was one of the worst of the year. Lets give a big pat on the back on the volunteers for withstanding a blizzard to get the message out.

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