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December 20, 2008


Hey Jane. I loved your blogpost on the HUFFINGTON POST last night...

I decided to leave a comment on your site... As you know, Obama made it known throughout the primaries and general election that despite his BLUE STATE credentials, he clearly wants to gain even more RED STATE credibility. The public works idea is one of the best initiatives he can use to do this.

I believe a state like Idaho, your state, presents him with an interesting opportunity. Though it voted for John McCain at the presidential level, Idaho voters elected a Democrat Walt Minnick in District #1 (See here: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/11/5/18407/3315/931/655028). The area of Minnick's district covers the big cities of Coeur d'Alene and Boise as this map link shows: http://www.gonorthwest.com/Idaho/Idaho-Map.htm. Looking at this map, you'll see that while there are interstate highways in the Southern part of the state, and one in the extreme northern part, there is nothing dramatic in the middle, nothing by way of an interstate highway that links Coeur d'Alene and Boise. Obama should look into this.

First, it would likely create tens of thousands of jobs in a beautiful state that really needs them, and in the district of an incoming Democrat who would be the beneficiary of this project. Second, this would provide an opportunity for small businesses to set up along such a highway - something that can be achieved through limited tax breaks.

This would be an easy, feasible project. Please get your friends in Idaho to contact Obama on this. I'm next door in Washington State, and would love to see this.

On the few occasions I (and some friends) have reached out to the Idaho State Democratic Party, and have been met by folks (either in person or on the telephone) who either exude elitism or irascibility.

I even went so far as to lodge a complaint with the party some time ago because of the explosive and borderline psychotic behavior of one crotchety gentleman (at a campaign office in what is now "The North Face" downtown) when myself and some friends inadvertently interrupted a newspaper interview while looking to volunteer.

Perhaps these were just unfortunate encounters that are in no way indicative of the true nature of the party; but it must be said that for all it's talk of inclusiveness, the Idaho State Democratic Party feels like anything but.

Happy Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah


I believe you and I talked on the phone when you requested a media credential for election night. I hope I exuded neither elitism nor irascibility, though with only weeks to go until E-day, fighting bronchitis much of late October, it could've been the latter.


Though for whatever reason aforementioned credential was not forthcoming, I enjoyed our conversation and appreciated the value of your time so close to such a monumental election.

That said however, I believe you can pick-up-what-I'm-putting-down here.

P.S. See myself and my son (on the rail between Secret Service Agent and Cameraman) at the Obama Rally @ http://www.boston.com/news/politics/politicalintelligence/a79357952CS040_BARACK_OBAMA_.jpg

Didn't B.S. our way through multiple layers of security and party functionaries for nothing!

the picayune isn't that far off course on this one

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