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January 23, 2009


I was a confused recipient of this email as well. I'm definitely curious as to how this particular individual came to include my email address on her list. And besides, damn it, that should be my tiara!

Wonder if Tom & Suzy Hersh, Rebecca Casper, Tamra Brabec, Larry Pettingill and the other 20 or so folks who got their email address plastered on this unfortunate missive are voting for Ms. Davis.

Smooth move Janice.

I got it, too. All I can figure is that I sent Rep McG an email in years past to complain about something or other and she saved it for posterity.

As a woman of a certain age (nine days older than our new prez), I remember how - in the 1970s - my family would gather 'round the TV to watch the pageant every year. It was as big as the Super Bowl or the Oscars. But I haven't watched it in decades.

I am pleased that NO ONE I know watches the pageant anymore, while pretty much everyone still watches the SB and the Oscars. I am pretty sure that my TV-addicted teenage daughter has NEVER even seen the pageant. It's a relic of our past, and if we are lucky, Rep McG will someday be, too.

haha you get props!! from me, for the hold back ...

shakes head

Even worse, she refers to the contestants as "girls"

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