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January 30, 2009


Record Blue turnout. A mandate even.

Important issues facing our State and Nation.

And THIS (and fashionista / pageant rants) is what you're concerned with lately?

The government dictating the political commentary choices a private radio station puts on the air waves is a dangerous proposition. In fact it is downright tyranny. Shame on you. If you have stumbled upon a market niche which you feel you can exploit then by all means start your own radion station. In the meantime re-read the Constitution and take a good look at that 1st ammendment.

@ Tony,

Thats "Public" airwaves the private radio stations are using to spout their twisted BS.

I guess that means that if you owned and operated your own radio station you would not resent putting on all views contrary to yours, resulting in the loss of your loyal listeners... is not "public airwaves" except for Public Radio...which did ya notice does not present all views?

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